Top 6 Smoothies to Relieve Joint Pain

Smoothies are the most quick and fun way of including essential fruits and vegetables in your diet. Since the preparation is hassle free, smoothies are the best go to option for a nutrient packed breakfast. Not only do they taste like heaven, the right combinations can help you get relief from many ailments too.

According to a research by the Arthritis Institute of America, around 70 million people that constitute 25% of Americans will be suffering from arthritis by the year 2030. People with arthritis experience swelling, pain in joints, stiffness and difficulty in motion. Over time the pain can become chronic and performing daily activities can be a difficult task.

There are several fruits, vegetables and spices rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can reduce inflammation accompanied by arthritis.

  1. Pineapple

This juicy and sweet fruit is rich in an enzyme called bromelain that has anti-inflammatory properties. The stem of pineapple contains the maximum concentration of bromelain.  It can help in reducing the swelling of muscle injuries as well as relieve pain in arthritis patients. According to a study conducted in 2002 at The University of Reading, bromelain was effective in reducing mild knee pain in healthy adults and also improved their general well being.

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric contains curcumin that has anti-inflammatory properties and has been backed by several researches for reducing stiffness and pain of arthritis. It also prevents inflammation of the synovial fluid surrounding the joints and is not harmful like other NSAIDs (Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs). A study conducted by researchers at the University of Arizona in Tucson states that turmeric contains compounds similar to the popular anti-inflammatory drugs and helps in significantly reducing the effects of arthritis. Continue reading

Solve Common Health Problems At Home

Are you having a stomach pain, headache, hangover, upset stomach, a little bruise or a minor burn? Don’t panic as it will only cause more chaos and confusion. Instead of rushing to the chemist for first aid or making an appointment with your doctor, take deep breath and calm down. For treating some of the common health problems, you can try some quick and simple remedies.
For these remedies you mostly need ingredients from your refrigerator or kitchen shelf.

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Herbal Medicine Versus Conventional Medicine

People around us are becoming health conscious and they are looking for ways to remain healthy. Irrespective of how well you follow a healthy lifestyle, it is very common to fall ill from time to time. From common health problems like headache, fever, diarrhea to diabetes, high blood pressure and thyroids, we all need to take medicines and follow proper treatment to remain healthy.

But what type of medicine should you take – Herbal Medicine or Conventional Medicine? This is a topic of debate and people have different viewpoints regarding this. To help you out here is an outline of the features as well as the pros and cons of both the forms of medicines.

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