Herbal Medicine Versus Conventional Medicine

People around us are becoming health conscious and they are looking for ways to remain healthy. Irrespective of how well you follow a healthy lifestyle, it is very common to fall ill from time to time. From common health problems like headache, fever, diarrhea to diabetes, high blood pressure and thyroids, we all need to take medicines and follow proper treatment to remain healthy.

But what type of medicine should you take – Herbal Medicine or Conventional Medicine? This is a topic of debate and people have different viewpoints regarding this. To help you out here is an outline of the features as well as the pros and cons of both the forms of medicines.

Comparison between Herbal Medicine and Conventional Medicine:

Price: The overall price for herbal medicine as well as treatment is comparatively low as compared to conventional medicine (both over the counter and prescribed medicines) and treatment. This is mainly because in herbal medicine, the ingredients used are common ingredients that you can easily find at your kitchen or garden.

Side Effects: While taking herbal medicines, a person may suffer from small side-effects. Most of the times, it does not have any side-effects as long as it is used in a correct manner and under the guidance of an expert. On the other hand, in conventional medicines, side-effects are a common thing. You may not experience the side effects immediately, but in the long run there will be some.

Action: Some of the herbal medicines start their work instantly, while in some cases the reaction may be slow but highly effective. In case of conventional medicine, the reaction is fast but in the long run it can cause more problems.

Working Mechanism: Herbal medicine works directly on the source by improving whole body system by fixing damaged cells, tissues and body organs as well as improving body immune system and enables it to fight with diseases. On the other hand, conventional medicine usually works on removing symptoms or causes and reduces pain.

Focus: In herbal medicine, the complete human body is taken into consideration when treating a particular health problem. So, here instead of treating the symptoms of a health problem, focus is given more on finding out the exact cause of the problem. On the other hand, in conventional medicine, stress is given on providing relief from the symptoms as fast as possible.

Side Therapy: In herbal medicine, you need to take medicines as well as avoid certain foods and habits to get positive result. In conventional medicine along with medicines you may also have to avoid certain foods and undergo surgery and stress management.

Well, now it is up to you to decide which one is better – herbal medicine or conventional medicine. You can choose one depending on your situation, condition as well as budget. Also, to enjoy good health for years you can follow the advice and guideline of a practitioner who has knowledge of both herbal and conventional treatment.

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