Solve Common Health Problems At Home

Are you having a stomach pain, headache, hangover, upset stomach, a little bruise or a minor burn? Don’t panic as it will only cause more chaos and confusion. Instead of rushing to the chemist for first aid or making an appointment with your doctor, take deep breath and calm down. For treating some of the common health problems, you can try some quick and simple remedies.
For these remedies you mostly need ingredients from your refrigerator or kitchen shelf.

Here are some easy health solutions for you:

To relieve hangover: You can use honey to get rid of hangover symptoms. The potassium in the honey helps counteract the effects of the alcohol. Take two to six teaspoonfuls of honey every twenty minutes upon awaking, depending on the severity of the hangover. Once you start feeling better, add four teaspoon to a glass of water and sip it slowing along with your first meal.

To soothe mild burns: If you have onion at home, then you can easily treat minor burn. Onion juice has chemicals like sulphur compounds and quercetin that help to stop the burning sensation and also fasten up the healing process.  Cut an onion in half and place it on the spot until the pain reduces.

To relieve headache and migraine: For any kind of headache, a cold compress will surely help to deal with it. You can warp a bag of frozen peas or some ice cubes on a thin towel and put it on the pain site for 10 minutes. Wait for twenty minutes and then repeat. The cold compresses blood vessels which eases pain.

To reduce puffy eyes: If you wake up in the worming with puffy eyes, you can easily get it treated with tea bags. Make your regular cup of tea using a tea bag. Place the used tea bag in the refrigerator until chilled. Squeeze out any excess fluid and then place the tea bag over puffy, swollen eyes for around 10 minutes. Apart from removing puffiness, it also reduces dark circles and makes you feel fresh.

To treat an upset stomach: Aloe vera juice is good for treating an upset stomach. One to two tablespoon of aloe vera juice, taken three times a day will have a positive impact on your digestive system and soon will start feeling much better.

To reduce fever: If you are having high body temperature, garlic can be used to promote sweating and reduce fever. Add one finely chopped garlic clove to one cup of hot water and steep for 10 minutes. Strain and sip it slowly twice a day. 

To control nausea: Lemon can bring relief from nausea. Mix together one teaspoon each of lemon juice and honey. Eat this mixture slowly for immediate relief from nausea. You can even inhale the smell of lemon to control nausea.

To feel energetic: Whenever you feel weak and need some extra energy, you can rely in bananas. Eat one to two bananas to give yourself a quick and substantial energy boost. You can also try a banana shake or smoothie.

To heal muscle pain: The herb turmeric works as a potent painkiller and anti-inflammatory agent that can help to heal muscle pain. Mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder in one cup of milk. Heat it over a low flame. Drink this twice a day, sipping it slowly, for speedy internal healing.

To regulate irregular periods: Cinnamon is considered useful for regulating menstrual cycles and reducing menstrual cramps. What you need to do is simply add one-half teaspoon of cinnamon powder to a glass of milk. Drink this daily for several weeks and soon you will get the results.

Your kitchen and refrigerator is a store house many ingredients having medicinal properties. You just need to explore the ingredients and use them at the right time.

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